Step by step How to install our
hammocks in 5 easy steps

Thanks to the tree straps included with your Tree Hug hammock, installation is done in just a few minutes, without knowing how to tie Scout's knots! Here's how.

1. Find the right trees, then unpack!

Once the dream location has been chosen, select two trees at an approximate distance of 12 feet (3.6m).

2. Locate the side of the strap with a single loop

This is located near the Tree Hug logo. It's simple, there is only one logo per strap.

3. Tie the strap around the tree

Wrap the tree with the strap, then insert the end with several loops inside the loop near the logo (located in the previous step). Pull to secure the strap on the tree.

The end of the strap with the logo will therefore be near the tree, while the one with several loops will be away from the tree.

4. Clip the carabiner

Clip one of the hammock carabiners to one of the loops of the strap you just attached to the tree. If necessary, you can adjust the hammock tension later by moving the carabiner to another loop.

5. Repeat the previous steps for the 2nd tree

Boom! It's done. Took less than 3 minutes. Congrats!

Optional adjustments

Here are some handy tips to further adjust your hammock or to adapt to more complex situations.

Tip 1

Make several turns around the tree to reduce the length of the straps when necessary.

Tip 2

Adjust the height of the strap attachment point to increase the level of comfort as needed.